We offer real housing solutions to help you sell, buy or both!!

At TradeInYourHouse.com our mission is to provide you solutions to sell, buy or both in a time frame that works for you. We will give you a free assessment and provide you with a personalized custom selling plan to fit your situation. You will be given multiple options to consider and we operate on your timeline. Communication with us is as easy as it gets. No pushy salesmen or on the spot requests. We provide you the information and give you time to decide if it is the right option for you.

Most people want to make a move, but the unknown of the process is too much to manage. In a real estate market like the one we are presently facing it is no wonder most people are choosing to stay in their current home despite knowing it is not right for them any longer.

Whether you are looking to cash out, trade for one of our houses, trade for a new home, combine households or just trying to avoid hassle, we have the solution for you.

Moving House

Trade in your house

  • For cash

  • For one of our houses

  • For a new home

  • Have up to 15 months to move

  • Trade multiple houses for combining households

  • Avoid hassle

  • No double moves

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